If you are hearing mysterious voices, before claiming yourself crazy, remember Harry Potter. When he was being persuaded by an unknown entity to kill and destroy, he restrained himself from killing for long enough to find out that there was a snake living in the wall – slithering through pipes, basically talking to itself. So…Continue Reading “Island Diaries Ep3: The secret pleasure of losing tongue abilities”

“Do not cause excess noise near his habitat, that won’t get him to move.” Try to imagine yourself reading this warning. Where are you in that moment? Who is that stubborn lazybones? Let us help you – he lives between the oldest walls in Belgrade. He is also – according to legend – the oldest…Continue Reading “Belgrade City History Through The Eyes of an Alligator”

To set the mood, we need a song in the background:   In Serbia, we all know this song, and that means that it survived for 60 years. One of the most famous ‘shlager’ songs of its time was performed for the first time by Vlastimir Djuza Stojiljkovic for the needs of the movie he…Continue Reading “As Once at 8’ I Whistle Down Your Street And Stand Alone Under Your Window”